Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reaching Zion

12mi Zion

The drive into Zion this morning was peaceful. No ranger at the gate, no traffic and no tourists in and out of every pulloff.   First goal; get Joey a leg work out.  Piggybackin' Christal for intervals up the famous Angels Landing hike got the ball rolling. Beautiful spot and fun exposed ridge. When we got back to the car it was apparent the snooze bunnies had finally gotten up and decided to check out the park. 

At first I was excited about getting to drive around the park.  But now, not being able to find a parking spot at Weeping rock has got me second guessing.  After illegally parking the best I could, we headed up Hidden Canyon.  Feeling uneasy about maybe getting a parking ticket and uninspired about the canyon(after all the cool slots we've been in the last couple days). We headed back to the car after shortly into the canyon. 

Next was the Narrows...if we could find a parking spot. After making our own spot and a snack, we were on our way.  It was fun to be walking through water. The high walls were gorgeous, but after what we had seen the last few days it just wasn't impressing me.  We turned around after a couple of miles and looked forward to being home, sleeping in a bed and showering clean.   What a trip!  Now it is time to ski!

Angels Landing