Thursday, November 13, 2014

Finishing up Work and Desert Time!

2k 5mi   Toledo Emma 

Dindy and I went straight up Toledo bowl the ran ridge to the Emmas trail. It was quite windy as the storm front was moving in. 

Warmup Red Butte Canyon

Finished up work and got ready to head to the desert.  Should be a nice break before we come back to full on winter. 

Rest Pack

Getting packed up and taking off for Southern Utah.  

Bryce is nice!
3k 17mi. Fairyland/Queens/Peekaboo
Mossy Cave

Godto love Bryce. Very chilly 17F degrees upon waking. Drive into park with not a soul around. Got running right away to warm up. Bryce has some of the nicest trail I have ever had. The lighting of the East facing Bryce is sublime among the Hoodoos in the early morning.  Fairyland loop then Queens Garden, connected to Peekaboo loop and up to the Rim trail home. 

Drove over to Mossy Cave. Feeling energized after a can of Butter Beans. I piggybacked Christal intermittently up to the cave and waterfall.  The cave was lacking and there was only a trickle of water.  Win some lose some.  

Visitor Center in Cannonville for beta. Headed out Hole in The Rock road to camp at Harris Wash TH. Great Start!

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