Friday, November 14, 2014


5mi Dry Fork Slots->Burr Trail

Easy day.  The road for the last mile to Dry Fork was hideously slanted. So I decided an extra mile would do us some good and no bad to Patsy(my Forrester). I begged Christal to let me give her piggyback rides.  Just my opportunity to snag a leg workout. Its not polite to talk about a ladies weight so I won't.  Nothing like carrying 120lbs on your back to weaken the legs!  If only we had some contraption to hold her on my back, we could spare the fatigue setting in the arms first.  Adult carry backpack! I need one, I want one.  It is time to seriously step up my game.  Peekaboo and Spooky were short slots, but picturesque slots.  A perfect warmup.  We drove out to the Burr Trail and set camp at Wolverine Wash TH.  Time to get our slot on!
Heading in Peekaboo

Started to get narrower
Really red reaching end
Heading into the Spooky
Come on pooky, follow me into Spooky
Love the lines

No words....

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