Thursday, November 13, 2014

Warming Up!

.5k 22mi
Harris Wash/Devils Garden

Warming up! 22F degrees this AM.  Gotta get moving fast.  Hiked down Harris wash with Christal.  High red walls and sweeping grottos were trumped by bushwacking through willows.  By the end Christal was quiet and tired.  Can't say I appreciate the new ventilation holes the willows added to my compression tights, but hey, I love to show some skin! Glad for the experience but once was enough.  After a quick drive and some food Christal pepped up despite some soreness. Devils garden was a nice short walk to cool-down,  before driving a washboard road for 20 miles.  

Water all but the first mile
Cottonwoods add some color
Cannot capture the magnitude
Looking Back.  I had a good summer
Devils Garden

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