Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mosey day

11mi Calf Creek/Willis Gulch

Started out by driving the Burr Trail out. Expectaions were low after an incredible day yesterday. We got some groceries, gas and used the facilities.  Moseying along, we plopped out at the Calf Creek TH. I begged Christal to let me piggyback her, to once again get a leg workout on a short hike day.  She agreed. I have the best girlfriend in the world.  Calf Creek canyon was different from everything else thus far. The more we hiked, the more the stoked meter climbed.  Until, eventually we turned the corner and voila!  The 120ft Calf Creek falls cascading to an emerald pool surrounded by a sandy beach.  Sweet. Back to the car.  Headed out Cottonwood Canyon Rd to Willis Gulch TH.  Not expecting much but an afternoon stroll.  We dropped into the slot immediately and were flabbergasted.  The lighting was making the walls glow divinely.  The white striped walls with black and gold mixed, contrasted the colorful rocks we found in the creek bed wonderfully.  There was some water, which made a few falls and rinsed our feet nicely.  After returning to the car; I had a tuna and beans feast while Christal cooked some Simply Asia Thia Kitchen.  Wow what a day again! 
Calf Creek from above
In the middle
The falls

A little bit of everything in Willis Gulch
A little waterfall
Really was a nice afternoon stroll
The "giants boot garden"
Little Cass
Time for feast!

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