Saturday, November 1, 2014

Winter Project Suggestions

~2.5k 7mi Sugarloaf

So I have decided to keep blogging to online journal what I am up to.  Facebook has grown rather annoying.   

I started this as a new blog "Up and Down Lifestyle" to track my life up and down mountains and also as someone who deals with up and downs of being bipolar.   
Let me start off by saying; everyone is bipolar. Its the natural flow of life.  Some mornings you wake up stoked for the day and other days you just don't feel like doing much.   Saying you are bipolar is blurry. But I think the distinction comes in when it affects your life socially.  For example; when you are so manic it takes a six pack just to calm you down enough to have a conversation or when you dont leave bed for a couple days because enh, you dont feel like it.  

Ok who cares. 

The last three months have been hell dealing with this bacterial infection.  But for the last week plus I have been feeling good everyday.  So I am back, I say.  To get back into shape/feeling strong, I have been going on short hikes each morning with rocks in my pack.  10-25lbs, front packing(to work on posture) and lifting/carrying rocks as a way to strengthen my upper body.  Night time sauna stretch sessions.   Bottomline is I am feeling good again, finally!

So now, as much as I want to go hike the PCT, Tahoe Rim Trail or the AT again; I think I will put that off until next summer.   I need to come up with a winter project and I am open to suggestions.  I was thinking along the lines of a vert goal (e.g. 4k uphill a day)  or selecting lines here in the Wasatch, making a list and tackling it.  OR some combination of both.   

Open to suggestions....GO!

Sugarloaf AM
GloryHole Frozen Flowing Creek

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  1. Here are my goals all of which you are invited to join on. ski the needle, ski all (13) lines in wolvie in a day (maybe add 2 bonuses), 24hr tour, 25k in a day, more tuesday night races, superior 5x in a day, and one secret mission i will tell you about later.