Thursday, November 20, 2014

Getting Slottier

16mi Bull Valley Gorge/Round Valley Draw

The description of Bull Valley was intimidating.  "Deep gorge, narrow walls, obstacles, can't see the sky and water pools".  Well I am up for a challenge. Turned out to be a 6 foot down climb and thats about it.  It was gorgeous, deep and dark.  Seemed like there was a bit of everything, including an overhanging car wreck of a Jeep, stuck in between the walls.   But the main theme was high, whitish/pink walls with black natural designs mixed in.  When the wash opened up and was less "slotty" we didn't wander far before deciding we weren't impressed anymore.  I guess we have been in a lot of cool slots lately.  We headed over to Round Valley draw.  Wow. Short but sweet.  This was certainly a favorite.  There were a few scrambles throughout, with the biggest being an 8ft down climb to get into the slot.  Once inside, it was ooohs and awwhs around every corner.  White walls with occasional color and juicy lines.  Surely this will be the climax with only one more day before Zion and nothing lined up for it.  We drove over to Grovesnor Arch, ate dinner and hung out until the sun went down.  Drove over to Cottonwood Narrows and camped for the night. 
Bull Valley had a bit of it all
Enjoying the lighting
Probably not a good parking spot
Candle holder or two faces?

Lines, lines, everywhere the lines

Enter Round Valley
Dropping in
More lines

Can't stand all these lines
Checking out the lines

The world can make you feel small sometimes

Got to be one of the best days on this trip!

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