Friday, November 14, 2014

Red Well

23mi Red Well

Cold start again.  Dropped into the wash and off we go.  Water starts about a mile in. We encounter a small waterfall and a little slot canyon after.  My first slot canyon!  However; that was it for the rest of the day.  Red sandstone domes and high walls ruled.  As Red Well met with Dry fork and then Hurricane Wash; the walls became towering and epic.  The grottos, gasping.  The river is just bends, meanders, a bunch of "C"s linked together.  Island of sand in the middle, a cottonwood or two and a monumental sandstone grotto.  We decided there was no way to capture all of it(size, shape, color, awe-ability) so you will just have to go and see for yourself.  But we did take pictures(to follow).  Nevertheless, you know beauty is living and pictures can only attempt to express.  By the time we arrived back to the car, Christal was convinced I was trying to kill her(17mi, 22mi and 23mi).  What? That is how vacations are suppose to be.  We both slept well. 

Red Domes ran rampant across the northern skyline
The "Islands" with trees formed by meander
One after another
After another
Jacob Hamlin Arch
Cannot express fully
Same bend under the grotto
The crack lets the light in
I Could keep going but yeah; just go check it out(Red Well/Coyote Gulch)

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