Sunday, November 16, 2014

Little Death

17mi Wolverine->Little Death Hollow

I wouldn't say I enjoy the cold, but it gets us running in the morning.  I love starting with a bang.  The redness of the red rock on the Burr Trail is ridiculous.  Everywhere was red after a short distance down Wolverine.  I imagine this is what walking in canyons on Mars is like.  Surely, Cliffbar hasn 't started putting LSD in some flavors?  Maybe I am losing my mind. Beauty will do that to a man. It sets the imagination free.  Anything becomes possible.  Each day of this trip has gotten better and better.  We didn't exactly know what we were getting into in Wolverine Wash, just that you could loop it with Little Death Hollow.  Pleasantly surprised, we got slotted for a bit near the end before entering Horse Canyon wash.  1.5 miles to the mouth of Little Death Hollow, the anticipation building.  We were eager for this and amped on our unexpected fortunate findings in Wolverine.  A little mud in the slot to start had me reeling my faith in this about to be awesomeness.  But the slot dried, the walls grew, and our eyes wide.  The colors, the lines, the shapes! It was incredible.  My jaw hurt after 4 miles of oohhing and ahhing, jaw dropping beauty.  Surely this is the coolest thing we will see this trip, I thought.  Hiked 3 more miles of high walled awesomeness.  2 more miles, discovering a slot adjacent to the dirt road.  And we were back at camp.  After a couscous, veggie and bean feast, we drove the rest of the Wolverine loop under an alpenglow lit sky.  Parked and slept. What a day. 

Red planet?
Starting to get slotty
Last bit of Wolvey

Mud at the beginning of LDH. Glad we could bypass
Dropping in

Wood deposits

I could totally see hiding out here
Getting near the end

None of these photos are edited

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